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Yapi Group's Construction Management Services

​YAPI GROUP offers professional construction and project management services that are tailored to the complexity of a construction project - and backed by a corporate commitment to total quality management.

On complex assignments involving numerous technical assignments, projects and contractors, our construction and project management services include but not limited to:

  • Scheduling & Budget Assessments
  • Risk Management in Construction
  • Monitoring & Coordinating Construction Activities
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Weighing Project Alternatives
  • Value Engineering
  • Bid Packages for Most Accurate Construction Cost
  • Accuracy Checks on Cost Estimates
  • YAPI GROUP's construction engineering and inspection services personnel are experts in monitoring the quality of construction work assignments, document control, material, labor and equipment used.

As construction management firm, YAPI GROUP has successfully delivered large and complex projects built in the state of Florida. As a result, we have developed unique skills with which to support our clientele. You may simply ask our delivered projects.


​We serve as the single point of responsibility, aligning the efforts of designers, contractors, and third parties to program goals and standards. We quickly integrate into your teams to help them move fast; stay focused, and seizes new opportunities. We employ proven systems and program managers to control the many program elements and interfaces, and to nail down the uncertainties of complex programs. Some of the benefits associated with this enhanced control include reduced costs, improved schedule performance, improved quality, risk sharing, and staffing flexibility.

In parallel with our program management expertise, YAPI GROUP has provided construction management (CM) for more than 230 projects during the past ten years in communities around the Florida. Professional construction management requires more than simply implementing plans and specifications; effectively managing construction services and resources helps complete projects on schedule and the budget. Our Construction Management (CM) approach provides a single point of contact representing the owner's interests first and foremost. YAPI GROUP's Construction Management system is built on a best practice model that combines industry top-notch practices in all essential elementsof a construction project.


Project Management

Review of Construction Documents

Ensuring the documents are accurate, consistent, and most reasonable for the industry standards. 

Bill of Quantities

An accurate estimate of cost will be obtained at best by pricing measured quantities and items contained in the construction documents. Material ordering lists will be useful should it be desired. 

Cost Estimate Analyses

Realistic independent cost estimates based on measured quantities and firm proposals for all items and services. 

Project Planning & Scheduling

Time is the essence of the contract hence it is critical that a contract period be established as the first order of business. Planning and scheduling the relevant items of work must be at the heart of the contract. 

Proposal Evaluation & Further Recommendations

There should be a comparative review of all bids and proposals to ensure that they are fully responsive to the construction documents (without qualifications and exclusions). It is critical at this stage to confirm that the respective bids and proposals are in compliance with the contract conditions. 

Building Permits & Inspection Process

Most permits should be obtained by the licensed contractor executing the work however, the owner must monitor this aspect of the work ensure that all relevant and required permits are obtained and inspections are requested in good time. It should be determined whether any aspect or item of work has to be inspected or reviewed by any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) other than the relevant building department. 

Occupational Safety & Health

Compliance with OSHA and other ‘State and Local regulatory agencies’ should be included in the construction project contract. The contractor’s safety program should be reviewed and approved before commencement of the work. Regular and unscheduled safety walks should be done to establish whether a safe worksite is being maintained.

Compliance with the Contracts

Generally most items under the Compliance Management would be covered under the architectural services, but should that not only be the case; then responsibility would fall to the owner or the construction manager of the project. Close attention should be given to testing laboratory services, shop drawings, product data and sampling processes, project management records, building code inspections, subcontractors’ coordination, installation sequencing, QC/QA, certificates for payment, change orders, and other final accounts that would be held. 


As part of a contract compliance, contract should figure those the responsible parties; if not the architect then the owner or the construction manager will satisfy himself that all defects have been rectified, all statutory requirements have been met and that the work has been completed as intended by the construction documents and procedures.


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